Parents of Kids (K -12 Grade)

Family Ministry

Family groups are designed to connect parents in a similar life stage. "Parents with Kids" groups are designated for parents with young to elementary school children and parents of teens. To help you find the group that fits, check out the bios listed for each group.

 Station in LifeLeaderFocusDayOpeningsStatus
ViewParents of Kids, K-6PK-Anderson, Jeff & LynSermon-based, Couples OnlyThursday0Closed
ViewParents of Kids, K-6PK-Bradshaw, Vance & MarliseSermon-based, Couples OnlyFriday0Closed
ViewParents of Kids, K-6PK-Bunn, Chad & ElizabethSermon-based, Men & WomenTuesday0Closed
ViewParents of Kids, K-6PK-Farr, Jason & AllegraSermon-based, Men & WomenThursday0Closed
ViewParents of Kids, K-6PK-Foos, Dave & MoniqueSermon-based, Men & WomenThursday1Open
ViewParents of Kids, K-6PK-Hengesteg, Chris & ChristineSermon-based, Couples OnlyWednesday2Open
ViewParents of Kids, K-6PK-Simpson, Ryan & EliseSermon-based, Couples OnlyThursday0Closed
ViewParents of Kids, K-6PK-Turner, Alex & MelissaSermon-based, Couples OnlyThursday0Closed
ViewParents of Kids, K-6PK-Webster Matt & Kelsey WebsterSermon-based, Couples OnlyTuesday0Closed
ViewParents of TeensPK-Barela, Jason & ChristieSermon-based, Men & WomenTuesday0Closed
ViewParents of TeensPK-Calles, Aaron & Monica Sermon-based, Couples OnlyThursday2Open
ViewParents of TeensPK-Hadden, George & DesSermon-based, Men & WomenWednesday1Open
ViewParents of TeensPK-Harvester, Scott & KatharineSermon-based, Couples OnlyWednesday2Open
ViewParents of TeensPK-Hodson, Mike & KatrinaSermon-based, Couples OnlyWednesday2Open
ViewParents of TeensPK-Jordan, Rob & CherylSermon-based, Couples OnlyTuesday2Open
ViewParents of TeensPK-Sherlock, Jerry & RichelleSermon-based, Men & WomenTuesday0Closed
ViewParents of TeensPK-Vance, Travis & EmilySermon-based, Couples OnlyThursday0Closed