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Station-in-Life: Young Marrieds
Book Study, Men & Women
Growth Group sign-ups are currently closed. If you'd like more information about Growth Groups, please call the Growth Group office at (760) 724-6700
Openings: 0
About the Group
Matthew and Carleen have been married since February 2014 and have both attended North Coast for over 10 years now. Matt is a writer who has started over 5 novels, with big plans to start a 6th very soon! Carleen is extremely close to earning her gold card at Starbucks and is excited for what that chapter of her life will bring. Adam and Amanda have been attending North Coast Church for several years. They have both been involved in several ministries, including Jr High, High School, and Growth Group leadership. Adam and Amanda met in Growth Groups 3 years ago and were married in 2011. They love traveling, hanging out with their friends, gardening, and building things. This growth group is for young marrieds who want to build relationships, grow their faith, and have fun! This is a Special Study group that focuses on digging into books of the bible.
Meets on: Thursday at 7:00 PM
Location: Vista, Longhorn Dr & Promontory Ridge Way
Enrollment Details:
Maximum Enrollment: 12
Status: Closed
Matthew & Carleen Doan
Amanda Hoffman
Adam Hoffman