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Group Details

Station-in-Life: Empty Nest
Sermon-based, Couples Only
Growth Group sign-ups are currently closed. If you'd like more information about Growth Groups, please call the Growth Group office at (760) 724-6700
Openings: 0
About the Group
Gary VanDerford is a North Coast Pastor and oversees Growth Groups for Parents of Teens, Targeted, Special Studies and Empty Nest, as well as the Pastor for the Message venue on Sunday morning. Gary works with our Pastoral Care ministry through the week counseling families and individuals. Married to Sharon, since 1976, with 2 grown children and 4 Grandchildren. Hobbies and interests: playing music, reading, riding his motorcycle and hanging out with the grandkids.
Meets on: Wednesday at 7:00 PM
Location: Oceanside, Vista Way & Ivy
Enrollment Details:
Maximum Enrollment: 14
Status: Closed
Gary & Sharon VanDerford
Dave Presley
Niecee Presley