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Station-in-Life: Special Studies
Book Study, Men & Women
Growth Group sign-ups are currently closed. If you'd like more information about Growth Groups, please call the Growth Group office at (760) 724-6700
Openings: 0
About the Group
Roger and Maria Mayton will be leading a Special Study called Revelation 101. Roger will be drawing information from Bible Study Fellowship, Calvary’s Chuck Smith and Chuck Mistler. This will be an introductory course on the Book of Revelation. Roger and Maria have been leading a sermon based Growth Groups these past 2 years and be meeting in the Host home of the Gilbertsons. This is for married couples.
Meets on: Thursday at 7:00 PM
Location: Vista, Warmlands & Foothill
Enrollment Details:
Maximum Enrollment: 14
Status: Closed
Roger & Maria Mayton
David Gilbertson
Maria Gilbertson