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Group Details

Station-in-Life: Military
Sermon-based, Singles Only
Growth Group sign-ups are currently closed. If you'd like more information about Growth Groups, please call the Growth Group office at (760) 724-6700
Openings: 5
About the Group
Brian served in the Marine Corps from 2012 to 2017 and is from North Carolina. His hobbies include playing music and sports. Brian would like to see God work and develop spiritual growth of the lives of singles who have chosen to risk their lives in the military. Abbey was born and raised in Michigan. She join the Marine Corps in 2012. In her free time she enjoys hiking, going to the beach, cooking, spending time with close friends and family and facetiming with her nieces and nephews in MI. Abbey is extremely excited and super pumped to see the work God will do on all of the hearts during this quarter.
Meets on: Thursday at 7:00 PM
Location: Vista, Bobier & Melrose
Enrollment Details:
Maximum Enrollment: 12
Status: Open
Brian Forte
Chris Peterson

Abbey Idalski