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Group Details

Station-in-Life: Young Marrieds
Sermon-based, Engaged Couples
Growth Group sign-ups are currently closed. If you'd like more information about Growth Groups, please call the Growth Group office at (760) 724-6700
Openings: 11
About the Group
Daniel and Natalie have grown up at North Coast Church. Daniel works as a lighting director and Natalie is a math specialist. They are huge Disney and Harry Potter fans and enjoy visiting Disneyland and Universal Studios when they have time. They describe themselves as opposites, but agree that their goal is to not take life too seriously. This group is for Christian couples who are engaged or heading toward engagement and will focus on following God and a healthy pre-marriage life.
Meets on: Thursday at 6:30 PM
Location: Oceanside, Melrose Dr & Oceanside Blvd
Enrollment Details:
Maximum Enrollment: 17
Status: Open
Daniel & Natalie Rhodes