Targeted-Common Interests

Open to All Ages

Each of these groups uses the popular sermon-based study format - but they are "targeted" for certain groups of people. The specific target (e.g. Couples only, Desert Rats, Men only, Women only, etc.) for these niche groups are summarized in the individual descriptions. Please look over each group, but keep in mind that in order to sign up, you MUST fit the targeted niche of the individual group.


ViewAllen, AnneSermon-based, Women OnlyThursday3Open
ViewBain, Jon & KarenSermon-based, Blended FamiliesWednesday6Open
ViewBell, Isaac & ChristinaSermon-based, Blended FamiliesThursday2Open
ViewBrandow, GayleSermon-based, Women OnlyThursday2Open
ViewCarlson, RandySermon-based, Men OnlyThursday10Open
ViewCarpenter, JimSermon-based, Men OnlySaturday5Open
ViewCope, SueSermon-based, Women OnlyWednesday3Open
ViewDellinger, JoeSermon-based, Men & WomenWednesday0Closed
ViewGallucci, Neil & ShannonSermon-based, Couples OnlyThursday0Closed
ViewGeorge, John & MonicaSermon-based, Couples OnlyWednesday0Closed
ViewGonzales, AliceSermon-based, Women OnlyFriday2Open
ViewJones, SuziSermon-based, Women OnlyTuesday5Open
ViewRiebau, Walter & MerrySermon-based, Couples OnlyThursday0Closed
ViewSur, GinaSermon-based, Women OnlyThursday1Open
ViewSybert, Trevor & MichelleSermon-based, Men & WomenTBA10Open
ViewThaanum, SheriSermon-based, Women OnlyThursday1Open