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VIEW*1 Peter by Jen Wilken (Helton/Foulk)San Marcos/Escondido Women's StudyThursday0Closed
VIEW*1 Peter by Jen Wilkin (Rondeau/Reeser)San Marcos/Escondido Women's StudyThursday1Open
VIEW*Annointed, Transformed, Redeemed by Shirer/Moore/Arthur (DeHaven)San Marcos/Escondido Women's StudyThursday0Closed
VIEW*Braving the Wilderness by Brene' Brown (Baker/Lunde)San Marcos/Escondido Women's StudyThursday0Closed
VIEW*Discerning the Voice of God by Priscilla Shirer (Simpson)San Marcos/Escondido Women's StudyThursday3Open
VIEW*Discerning the Voice of God by Priscilla Shirer (Tangonan/Garcia)San Marcos/Escondido Women's StudyThursday4Open
VIEW*Discerning the Voice of God by Priscilla Shirer (Warner/Loya)San Marcos/Escondido Women's StudyThursday10Open
VIEW*Drama Free by Cindy McMenamin (Dingess/Castillero)San Marcos/Escondido Women's StudyThursday0Closed
VIEW*James, Mercy Triumphs by Beth Moore (Endersby/Wilson)San Marcos/Escondido Women's StudyThursday12Open
VIEW*Me, Myself, & Lies by Jennifer Rothschild (Sunkle/Teravainen)San Marcos/Escondido Women's StudyThursday0Closed
VIEW*Proven by Jennie Allen (Grove/Williams)San Marcos/Escondido Women's StudyThursday2Open
VIEW*Sermon-based (Clark/Morris)San Marcos/Escondido Women's StudyThursday10Open
VIEW*Sermon-based (Visser/Medina)San Marcos/Escondido Women's StudyThursday0Closed
VIEW*Women in Prayer Mon PM (Welnick)San Marcos/Escondido Women's StudyMonday4Open
VIEW*Women in Prayer Thursday AM (Welnick)San Marcos/Escondido Women's StudyThursday11Open
VIEWAchord, Johnnie & ShulanGeneralTuesday0Closed
VIEWAdams, Mike & TheresaRamonaThursday3Open
VIEWAH "Armor of God" (Miller)Carlsbad REAL WomenWednesday1Open
VIEWAH "Discovering Hope in the Psalms"(Tipton/Taylor)Carlsbad REAL WomenMonday2Open
VIEWAH Fennel, JannellCarlsbad REAL WomenThursday0Closed
VIEWAH Higgins, Jeanelle and Debbie TurnerCarlsbad REAL WomenMonday2Open
VIEWAhlquist, Steve & SharonEmpty NestThursday0Closed
VIEWAiello, Mike & Jean CarlsbadThursday0Closed
VIEWAlberto, Ryan & TiffiniYoung MarriedsThursday4Open
VIEWAldana, Carlos & Ralston, DebbieSinglesWednesday1Open
VIEWAllen, AnneTargetedThursday1Open
VIEWAllen, Jim & LeaneSenior AdultsThursday0Closed
VIEWAllen, Scott & FranEmpty NestThursday0Closed
VIEWAllison, CheriRamonaMonday4Open
VIEWAllison, Chuck & CheriRamonaThursday0Closed
VIEWAndeck, AndySenior AdultsWednesday0Closed
VIEWAnderson, Keith & KarenGeneralWednesday3Open
VIEWAppel, Stephen & Meg AllenCarlsbadThursday2Open
VIEWArvidson, Phil & KimParents of TeensThursday0Closed
VIEWAshley, Shannon & Christine/Armstrong, Nick & AbbyMilitaryWednesday0Closed
VIEWAster, Bruce & DebbieGeneralThursday0Closed
VIEWAtkinson, Sue & Julie VincentCarlsbadThursday1Open
VIEWAuen, Chris & RachelYoung FamiliesThursday0Closed
VIEWAvila, Marlo & GabySpanish SpeakingThursday6Open
VIEWAzofeifa, ReySpanish SpeakingTuesday2Open
VIEWBaer, Bill & JaniceCarlsbadWednesday0Closed
VIEWBain, Jon & KarenTargetedWednesday6Open
VIEWBaker, Phillip & Lines, RickSinglesTuesday1Open
VIEWBalcom, Nathan & AmyYoung MarriedsTuesday0Closed
VIEWBalkcum, CharlesCarlsbadTuesday1Open
VIEWBall, Greg & BrendaSpecial StudiesMonday0Closed
VIEWBarraza, Enrique & GabbyParents of Kids, K-6Thursday6Open
VIEWBeal, Dan & KathyFallbrookThursday0Closed
VIEWBeall, Harrison & LaurenYoung MarriedsMonday0Closed
VIEWBearman, Donna and Michelene WeirichCarlsbad REAL WomenThursday2Open
VIEWBeeson, Brock & ArynCarlsbadThursday0Closed
VIEWBelcher, Dave & DennyFallbrookWednesday0Closed
VIEWBell, Isaac & ChristinaTargetedThursday0Closed
VIEWBell, Mark & BarbaraCarlsbadTuesday5Open
VIEWBennett, Tom & Megan HartwellCarlsbadMonday6Open
VIEWBennett, Wendell & Mary JoGeneralThursday0Closed
VIEWBerger, Ken & CherylGeneralWednesday0Closed
VIEWBevier, Barry & Fant, BonnieSinglesMonday3Open
VIEWBirtwell, BJ & BrittanyYoung FamiliesThursday0Closed
VIEWBland, Bill & Craig AtkinsonCarlsbadThursday4Open
VIEWBoer, Kevin & CindyGeneralThursday0Closed
VIEWBoerneke, Lee & PegEmpty NestThursday0Closed
VIEWBostwick, Mick & DebCarlsbadWednesday0Closed
VIEWBouck, JimGeneralThursday16Open
VIEWBouck, Jim & Bowersox, LarrySinglesTuesday5Open
VIEWBouck, Jim & Cooper, JimSinglesTuesday5Open
VIEWBouck, Jim & Vilas, TomSinglesWednesday5Open
VIEWBoyajian, Bill & JoyceCarlsbadThursday0Closed
VIEWBoysel, Roger & JoyceRamonaTuesday0Closed
VIEWBradshaw, Charlie & SuziYoung MarriedsWednesday0Closed
VIEWBraithwaite, Maria & Gomez, SarahMilitaryThursday10Open
VIEWBrandow, GayleTargetedThursday1Open
VIEWBraught, Brian & CrystalFallbrookWednesday1Open
VIEWBray, Jen, Darcy Szabo and Gwen DulaneyCarlsbad REAL WomenWednesday0Closed
VIEWBrayton, Jim & LizSenior AdultsWednesday0Closed
VIEWBreckenridge, Ryan & Lindsay MarsolaisCarlsbadMonday3Open
VIEWBreining, Blaine & JereneParents of TeensThursday4Open
VIEWBriscoe, Dave & ChrisCarlsbadWednesday1Open
VIEWBrock, Frank & SuzieFallbrookWednesday0Closed
VIEWBrockhaus, Andrew & AmyYoung FamiliesThursday0Closed
VIEWBrown, Gene & LeannaGeneralThursday2Open
VIEWBrumfield, Jeff & KathyRamonaWednesday0Closed
VIEWBuractaon, Juan & ShelliMilitaryThursday2Open
VIEWCamilo, Bob & PauletteFallbrookThursday3Open
VIEWCampbell, Rob & CindyGeneralWednesday0Closed
VIEWCarafa, Joseph & RobinGeneralWednesday0Closed
VIEWCardenas, Juan & Hamilton, BeccaSinglesThursday6Open
VIEWCardiff, Kyle & CourtneyRamonaThursday0Closed
VIEWCarlson, Darren & BethCarlsbadWednesday0Closed
VIEWCarlson, Ken & ElaineSenior AdultsThursday0Closed
VIEWCarlson, RandyTargetedThursday0Closed
VIEWCarpenter, JimTargetedSaturday7Open
VIEWCaruso, LaneCarlsbadThursday0Closed
VIEWCastelan, Jesse & InesSpanish SpeakingThursday2Open
VIEWCastellones, Ron & VictoriaRamonaThursday6Open
VIEWCastillo, Craig & JulieCarlsbadWednesday0Closed
VIEWCatching, Skip & FrancesGeneralWednesday0Closed
VIEWChambers, Rick & SylviaGeneralThursday2Open
VIEWChandler, Tim & EmilyGeneralThursday4Open
VIEWChapman, Ralph & GraceCarlsbadWednesday1Open

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