The Jordan (Ages 18-25)

Single Adults, 18-25 years old

The college-aged years - They're some of the most exciting and crucial years as you explore and set the direction of how you are going to live the rest of your life! Our passion is to help you know how to have Jesus Christ at the center of this process and to know how to live for Him. Our desire is to be an authentic community you can connect to so you will be empowered to love and worship God, transformed to grow in maturity, and equipped to serve. 


ViewAdams, JessicaSermon-based, Women OnlyMonday3Open
ViewCavalier, James & AlyssaSermon-based, Men & Women 18-25Monday0Closed
ViewColetrain, George & KalySermon-based, Men & Women 18-25Monday0Closed
ViewHudson, JanDVD-Study, Women OnlyMonday3Open
ViewJennings, Collin & Brown, AmberSermon-based, Men & Women 18-25Monday3Open
ViewMaher, Josh & McCaffrey, HaleySermon-based, Men & Women 18-25Monday2Open
ViewMartin, Matt & Falk, KelsieSermon-based, Men & Women 18-25Wednesday0Closed
ViewMcMaster, Brian & KristinSermon-based, Men & Women 18-25Monday0Closed
ViewMcMaster, Curtis & Soderholm, RanaeSermon-based, Men & Women 18-25Tuesday1Open
ViewPeters, Michael & Carll, JennySermon-based, Men & Women 18-25Monday2Open
ViewPeters, Sarah & Ramirez, LeticiaBook Study, Women OnlyMonday0Closed
ViewPittsford, Cole & Briggs, BreannaSermon-based, Men & Women 18-25Tuesday0Closed
ViewPolfer, Allen & DebraSermon-based, Men & Women 18-25Tuesday0Closed
ViewPrazak, Jordan & Holmes, HeatherSermon-based, Men & Women 18-25Tuesday1Open
ViewPrince, Daniel & Wallace, DelaneySermon-based, Men & Women 18-25Monday0Closed
ViewRamirez, Marco & English, KariSermon-based, Men & Women 18-25Monday0Closed
ViewRobinson, Taylor & Peters, KatySermon-based, Men & Women 18-25Monday0Closed
ViewSchmidt, Harrison & LierinSermon-based, Men & Women 18-25Tuesday2Open
ViewStafford, Scott & VanGundy, RachaelSermon-based, Men & Women 18-25Monday0Closed
ViewWebster, Mason & Cote, AllySermon-based, Men & Women 18-25Monday0Closed
ViewYoungdale, Brandon & DanielleSermon-based, Men & Women 18-25Wednesday2Open