Growth Group Leader Notes

For the week of May 21, 2017


Things to Remember:

  • Drinks when people arrive

Message #19: You Be You!
Pastor Chris Brown

Goals for the Evening: 

  • To work through the Growth Group Homework questions
  • To provide a safe/comfortable environment for members
  • Begin to talk through your group’s plans for the fall
  • Pray for new Leaders & Hosts to be raised up for fall
  • Hand out and collect Feedback forms and review them with your host (this week or next week)


Discuss Plans for the Fall & Next Week - Next week is the last meeting of the quarter. Find out from your group if they know their plans for being part of the group in the fall. They can indicate their plans on the Feedback Forms. Also, let us know of any roster updates or changes that you know of to your meeting day, time or location for the fall quarter when you submit your attendance.

Feedback Forms - Have your group fill out their Feedback Forms this week or next week (they were mailed to your group’s leaders & hosts). Extra packets are available at the front office during the week. Let your group know how important their honest feedback is for you as leaders and hosts. Make sure you allow plenty of time to complete the forms. Collect them at the end of the meeting, and review them with your host. Turn them in to the Growth Group drop box on any of our campuses or mail them to the Church office. We need them turned in by June 11, so we can start forming fall groups.

Prayer for New Fall Growth Group Leaders & Hosts - Take some time to pray for new leaders and hosts to launch new Growth Groups in the fall. 


Potential New Leaders & Hosts

If you haven’t already, please let your Station-in-Life pastor know of any future potential leaders for the fall quarter. Below are some questions to help you in identifying potential leaders or hosts:

Potential Leader Apprentice / Associate

Key Qualities:  consistent character, willingness to grow. 
To help identify a potential leader, ask yourself:
If I were only a participant in my group, who from the group would I want to lead it?

Potential Host

Key Qualities:  consistent character, warm and hospitable personality.

Suggest a Leader or Host

You can do this for a Leader here.

You can do this for a Host here.