Growth Group Leader Notes

For the week of November 26, 2017


Things to Remember:

  • Drinks when people arrive
  • Contact anyone that has missed a meeting to let them know you missed them

Message #7: Heaven: Identity Restored
Pastor Christopher Hilken

Goals for the Evening: 

  • Reflect on the Fall Quarter
  • Complete your Feedback Forms
  • Take Communion together and thank God for how he has worked



⇛  Growth Group Feedback Forms: Have your group fill them out this week. Please have all of your forms turned in and confirm any roster changes by Sunday, December 3. We encourage you and your host to look them over before you turn them in.

⇛   CONFIRM ANY CHANGES, ADDS, OR DROPS WITH YOUR GROUP AND LET YOUR GROUP KNOW NEXT QUARTER’S DATES: January 14- March 17, Winter sign-ups are January 6/7 & 13/14 on all campuses and online at the North Coast website.


  • Listen to the audio Homework Guide for more discussion suggestions. Check the column to the right for the audio player, mp3 file, or podcast.
  • Check out the written Leader's Guide to Growth Group Homework


1) Explain that we want to end the quarter by celebrating Christ and his death and resurrection by taking Communion.


2) Read Luke 2:1-7 and Luke 22:14-20 and then give people a chance to reflect and share what they wrote down about what they are thankful for in regards to what Jesus has done for them based on this week’s study & teaching.

Alternatives for sharing what they are thankful for:

Option 1: Give Thanks Through Prayer - suggest including their responses to “Digging Deeper” #1 & #2.

Option 2: Advent – Have 6 to 12 candles on the table in the middle of the group. The middle candle is lit as the Christ Candle. Each person takes a candle and lights it from the Christ Candle. Next, they share what they are thankful for from this last quarter and/or give thanks for what Jesus has done for them. The lit candles represent the light of Christ we have in us and its impact on the world when we live out this thankfulness. Or instead of sharing, you could play or sing some Christmas carols. Using the list of Christmas carols and Scriptures on the next page, sing and take turns reading the Scriptures between songs. End your time by lighting the candles and sharing, as suggested above.

Option 3: Video/Music: While people take Communion, you could also play one or both of these videos, sung by Chris Tomlin. Use this time for reflection and worship.

Note - You can also print multiple copies of the Advent for your group here.


3) Pass the bread, thank the Lord for it, and eat together. Pass the cup, thank the Lord for it, and drink together. IDEAS: You may want to involve others by asking them to read Scripture and lead these prayers. The bread and juice can also be set on a table in the middle of the room and people take Communion after you read the Scripture and pray, or while the group sings or listens to a worship song.


4) Close your time with prayers of praise.


Feedback Forms:
Give some time to fill out and collect them.


Growth Group Feedback Form

Please have your group complete the feedback forms this week. Pass them out and be sure to allow the group 10-15 minutes to complete them. How you set this up will make a difference as to how effective this information is. Let your group know you need their help in keeping your group healthy so their heartfelt candid responses are very much appreciated. Let them know that you really want to know what they are thinking. Assure them you won’t make radical changes unless many people in the group agree. Have them complete these evaluations BEFORE THEY LEAVE. Please turn them in by Sunday, December 3. You can drop them off at the Info booths at each campus, at your campus office during the week, or you can mail / email them back. It is very important for us to know in early December their response to the question regarding their plans for next quarter. We need to know which groups have openings and which are full.


Please Confirm Your Groups Status for Next Quarter

The Growth Group office needs to know your plans for the winter quarter.

Please use your attendance comment box to communicate changes to your roster, meeting night, time, location, leadership team, etc. as you become aware of them. If there will be no changes or any anticipated changes to the details of your group, please indicate that as well by saying “No changes”. You may also let us know of any changes using the online form under the leader tools section of our website, or emailing or calling us here at the Growth Group office.


Leader/Host Recommendations

Do you have anyone who is ready to lead or host a new group? Please let your Station-In-Life pastor know by including their names in your comment box on your attendance or by calling your pastor here at church.


Leader Associates

We encourage each group to have a leader associate. A leader associate is someone whom you feel has the potential, gifts, personality, and interest to be a leader in the future. They will be asked to lead your group twice a quarter. Think of who in your group can fill this position. Let us know who you have chosen in your comment box on your attendance or by calling your pastor here at church.