Growth Group Leader Notes

For the week of May 28, 2017


Things to Remember:

  • Communion supplies
  • Have your members fill out Feedback Forms, they were mailed to all leaders & hosts. Turn them in at a Growth Group drop box on any campus or drop them in the mail. You can also scan & email them to Growth Group Central or drop them off at the church office. We need the forms turned in by June 11 so we can start forming fall groups.

Message #20: Defining The New You
Pastor Chris Brown

Goals for the Evening:

  • To share in Communion—set aside at least 15 minutes
  • To bring closure to the Growth Group year
  • To have people discuss any plans for an optional summer social
  • To discuss the homework, if you have time
  • To discuss next year’s plans for your group
  • To fill out the feedback forms, if you have not already done so


Discuss Plans for the Fall

Find out from the members of your group if they plan on being part of the group in the fall. They can indicate their plans on the Feedback Forms. Also, when you submit your attendance, indicate any roster updates or changes that you know of to your meeting day, time or location for the Fall Quarter.

Feedback Forms

  • Have your group fill out their forms (they were mailed to all leaders & hosts).
  • Let them know how important their honest feedback is for you as leaders and hosts. Make sure you allow plenty of time to complete the forms.
  • Collect them at the end of the meeting, and review them with your host.
  • Turn them in to the Growth Group drop box on any of our campuses or mail them to the Church office.
  • We need them turned in by June 11, so we can start forming fall groups.
  • Extra copies of the forms are available at the Growth Group drop boxes, at the front office and online.

New Fall Growth Group Leaders

Let your group know you will be praying that we can raise up new leaders and hosts for new Growth Groups in the fall.

Connect and Prayer Time:

As the quarter draws to a close, continue to make sure you leave plenty of time to pray, connect and process what’s going on with people in the group, plans for the fall, etc.

  • Take prayer requests.
  • Pray for new leaders & hosts to be raised up for the Fall Quarter.


Attention – End of the Year Roster Updates Needed:

If you have not already done so, please spend time this week talking with your group about their plans for the fall. Your Growth Group information is currently posted on your attendance webpage. Please review your night, time, location, group focus, and roster, and then submit any anticipated revisions for the Fall Quarter.  Thank you for your prompt reply as this will greatly help us anticipate the needs for new Fall Growth Groups. 

Summer Social:

A number of groups have a social during the summer. Do not feel guilty if you are not planning to do this, but feel free to plan something, especially if your group is continuing in the fall.

Potential Schedule for Evening :

Listen to Leader Audio resource on the Leader Tools webpage for more details.


  • Answer the first question in the “MY STORY” section to find out people’s plans for the summer. (Take notes on plans shared.)
  • DIGGING DEEPER” questions (Optional): Can answer if time permits, you decide.
  • REMEMBERING HOW GOD WORKED” - This section will segue into taking Communion and sharing about your group experience this past year. 
  • (See Leader Guide for more detailed ideas and instructions.)
  • Communion
  1. Explain that we want to end the year by remembering and celebrating Christ’s death and resurrection.
  2. Read the verses.  You can ask for people’s responses to them, or just comment on them yourself.  Use the Corinthians passage to take you into Communion.
  3. Pass the bread, thank the Lord for it, and eat together.  Pass the cup, thank the Lord for it, and drink together.
  4. Move into prayer time, thanking Jesus for His commitment to love us and to work in our lives as people have shared in your group.
  5. Close in Praise Song (optional). (See possible worship song options in Leader Guide.
  • Have everyone fill out a Feedback Form if you haven’t already done so.
  • Dessert Time


Fall Sign-ups — Sept. 2 - Sept. 17
Essentials Training for Leaders & Hosts — Sept. 9
Fall Kickoff Event for Leaders & Hosts — Sept. 15
Fall Quarter — Sept. 17 - Dec. 2


If you'd like to stay connected this summer, we are offering a wide range of classes between June and August. See the back of this homework for a listing and visit for complete class details and to register.

“The Palomar Experience”- Oct 27-29, 2017

Lookin’ for some crazy guy stuff to do? Want to kick back or get refocused on God? We’ve got another epic weekend planned that will get you recharged and refreshed as a man following God. Of course there will be plenty of other man event options including paintball and skeet shooting on site and sports, hiking, golf, sleeping, eating, etc. 

More info coming soon!